Tough Time Never Last, But Tough Salespeople Do

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I got this interesting question about tough times:

“Che, I feel like quitting, I ‘ve been in sales for several years and I ‘ve had some success but lately it feels like I’m trying to squeeze a camel through the eye of a needle just to make a quarter of what I used to earn in a month. I want to be motivated but I’m thinking I’m just not cut out for this, it’s too hard. Thoughts?”

Probably you can relate to this?

I know, it’s a very common problem that many are facing right now

As I’ve been getting emails like this weekly

So I have put together a solution…

How the TOP Sales People make MORE sales in a Nervous Economy with less effort

Live 60 Minute “Tough Times Never Last But Tough Salespeople Do” Webinar Uncovers the Secrets.

Here’s what this about:

4 Times On Monday, April 30, 2012 at 10am, 12pm, 3pm and 9pm (EST), I’m going to give 100 of you access to a Brand New LIVE online webinar at NO COST! You’re going to be privy to a system that only a handful of my best sales clients are using to thrive in tough times. You’re going to KNOW EXACTLY what to do to move through the toughest times, like a hot knife through butter and come out the other side with More Sales. — Guaranteed!

I’ll be frank with you, if you act fast and get in on this call, expect others around you to be a little bit pissed, as the results you will get when you apply this system is going to make people question, how you’re managing to make sales so easily when the odds are stacked against you.

…this isn’t like any other webinar that you have been on before.

In fact, I had to convince my best one-on-one sales client that I would only offer this to 100 people, as they don’t want every Tom, Dick and Harry getting their hands on this sales system, as it includes not only what I taught them but unique methods they themselves have tested and proven to work, regardless of how bad the situation is out there.

They were so adamant about keeping this limited that they wanted an NDA in place for this, but I told them that was a little overboard — I want to make this as easy as possible for you.

But here’s the important part…

While you’re going to get everything — the tools, techniques and tips I would ask that you do NOT share this with anyone else – You must promise, me that!

This will fill up fast, Reserve your spot now, at no cost to you!

Take Advantage of this Content-Packed, 60 minute “Tough Times Never Last But Tough Salespeople Do” Live Webinar at No Cost To You!

Here are 10 REASONS to register for this webinar TODAY!

  1. Shocking confessions and techniques of the TOP sales people

  2. How to quickly “cancel” out stress that attacks you in tough times

  3. A “magic bullet” that keeps you going when you want to throw in the towel

  4. How to make yourself recession proof in the worst financial states

  5. New (and simple) method that actually guards your attitude from negativity

  6. “No Brainer” ways to quickly reorganize your financial situation

  7. Breakthrough solutions to slide through setbacks and failures

  8. Be privy to the hypnotic sales words that covertly persuade without fail

  9. Get your most burning question answered by Che

  10. Proven tools, tips and a system you can apply immediately

But here’s where it gets even better, along with this revolutionary webinar, you’ll also get 2 additional bonuses IF you register today!

Bonus # 1 Access to the Recording – If you register and then for whatever reason you can’t make it, I’ve got you covered! You will receive a word-for-word transcript of the entire webinar plus the video recording so you can go over it when it’s convenient for you.

Bonus # 2 eBook – You’ll also get a special, 54 page report called” 27 strategies to DOUBLE your sales Instantly! This alone is worth jumping on this now!
And remember, you don’t have to shell out a single penny to get all of this.

Here’s what you need to do now:

This is limited to only 100 so register now for: Monday, April 30th @ 10:00 am, 12:00 pm, 3:00 pm, 9:00 pm (EST)

Take advantage of this “soon to be archived” webinar and stop wondering what it takes to stay motivated and succeed when everyone else is suffering in tough times.

See you at the top!

P.S. If you still are not sure whether this No Cost webinar is right for you just watch the confessions from others who have benefited from past webinars, seminars and products: