RightNOW Sales Boot Camp

5 Killer Ways to Make Sales RightNOW

On October 30th from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm in Laurel, Maryland

How To Increase Your Business Sales Revenue in 60 days or Less… Guaranteed!

Give me 6 Hours and you will walk away with a 12 month business sales and marketing plan, tools and techniques that will increase the revenue generated by your product and service.

I’ve NEVER offered an event like this in the past, so I feel that it is essential to bring this to your attention.

It’s simple… you want results and you need them RIGHT NOW!

That’s exactly why I am extending this personal invitation to you.

Here’s What You Need To Know:

Here’s why…

…In this 6 Hour content-rich, hands on Sales Training: – RightNOW Sales Bootcamp you will receive tools, techniques, structure and support that will take your business , products and services to the next level Quickly and with LESS Effort.

Take Advantage of this indispensable “RightNOW” 6 Hour, Live Sales and Marketing Bootcamp.

Here is what you are going to receive:

  • 6 Hours at NO COST TO YOU, Effective Live Sales Training and Verified Marketing Skills from Che that you can use to see results in as little as 60 days and for the rest of your life — $1,997 Value
  • A 12 Month Proven Sales and Marketing Plan: (This is the exact formula Che and others have used to see immediate and substantial sales and marketing results.)
  • 5 Sale Mastery Modules: Will help you choose and dominate any industry and target audience through intelligent and effective sales techniques.
  • Marketing Mastery Modules: These will give you immediate access to insights on how to strategize effective marketing campaigns: email marketing, how to write copy, online marketing, branding, video marketing, social media, technology, and much more.
  • Accountability System. Highly coveted, daily direct access to Che Brown’s secret step-by-step strategies, checklists and millionaire expert resources
  • The Insider Secrets of Creating a Winning Script: (Know the exact words, phrases, power sentences and system that leads and turns even the most unwilling customer interaction into a sale.)

As you can see, I am providing IMMENSE value to you. The training and all of the material easily amounts to over $2000, but you will NOT have to pay anything!

But I want to give you fair warning: This is only available to the first 20 people who jump on this, and make no mistake… it will go fast.

After that I won’t be taking in any more people — no exceptions!

Here are 5 REASONS to register for – RightNOW Sales Bootcamp TODAY!:

  1. There is NO CHARGE for you to receive over 6 hours of sales training, structure assistance and systems that cause sales to occur with less effort on your part
  2. This is by far the FASTEST and EASIEST way to be successful in sales with a verifiable 12 month formula that you can follow to accelerate your revenue
  3. FOOL PROOF  way for you to experience staggering business growth in the shortest time possible without years of confusion, humiliation or costly mistakes
  4. An invaluable system that you can use to instantly generate and earn money in 60 days or less and then benefit from these newly gained skills for an entire “lifetime”
  5. An unforgettable event that will instil in you the confidence, self-esteem and peace of mind you need to deal with customers and close sales.

I’ll give everything to you on: Thursday, October 30th from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm (EST) at Colabs,
8101 Sandy Spring Road, Ste 290, Laurel, MD 20707

Please understand…

This is not your ordinary seminar where I talk, you listen and take notes.

No, I’m going to work closely with 20 individuals in a real “GET-IT-DONE” sales training environment. You will have the opportunity to actively participate through asking questions and mastering key sales and marketing exercises through actually doing it.

My guarantee to you is when you take action today and register for “RightNOW Sales Bootcamp” you will walk away with a fully proven and complete business plan that will generate money for you in 60 days or less and immediately take YOUR business, products or services to the next level FASTER and with LESS effort.

Here’s what you need to do now:

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 << Once registered I will send you a special video which explains all the details on how to get started before October 30th.  Please remember, I can only work with 20 people. Once that has been reached I will not be accepting anymore. (No exceptions, there won’t be a 21st person.)

So take action and Register Now

Speak soon,

Che Brown

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