Twitter’s Top 100 Sales Professionals for 2014 Includes Che Brown

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Che Brown was named in the Top 100 Sales Professionals on Twitter for 2014.

Che Brown

Che Brown

Ontario, CA — July 25, 2014 — Che Brown is not new to the sales profession. He is president of Partners in Learning, a global sales training company, which teaches sales professionals how to make sales with less effort. Che shares winning sales strategies on how to close deals and put cash in your pocket by mastering the basics of selling, using sales scripts, and advanced sales techniques to increase sales and long-term profitability. With over 14 years of sales and marketing experience, Che has conducted workshops and seminars for major corporations, including Hewlett-Packard, Wachovia, Microsoft, Verizon, Chevy Chase Bank, and numerous network-marketing organizations. He continues to host highly attended sales forums and conferences around the country.

Recently, Brown was named in the Top 100 Sales Professionals on Twitter for 2014.

“It’s an honor to be mentioned with other professionals I consider my mentors. “ Says Brown, “I attribute my success to providing relevant sales content to help people increase revenue by increasing their sales results.” He likes to focus on teaching people how to have real success in their business and has a new series that will train people on specific sales tactics like closing the deal. Che Brown has the goal of helping at least 10,000 business owners this year. He gives free online workshops each week.

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